Monday, December 7, 2009

ADaD Wins Rhymefest's "Give it to me contest"

Give It To Me

Rhymefest Picks A Winner of The "Give It To Me" Contest from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

It has just been announced that Chicago rapper ADaD has won Rhymefest's ““Give It To Me” Contest.
RubyHornet teamed up with Grammy Award winning rapper Rhymefest and dNBE Entertainment to offer independent artists a chance to appear on Fest's forthcoming album, El Che. The track up for grabs is entitled "Give It To Me" and is produced by Scram Jones. Also featured on the track is rapper Saigon stated: "Not only is Rhymefest giving one undiscovered talent the opportunity to be featured on an epic album, he is also hoping to launch the career of a new dynamic voice in Hip Hop. The winning contestant will not only be featured on the digital version of the single, but will also appear in the video for the song when it debuts.”

“ADaD is a great choice for "Give It To Me". Says Ruby Hornet's founder and Editor in Cheif DJ RTC. "Going through the entries was
not an easy thing, and there were many solid ones. There were also a lot of not very good ones. Rhymefest set a tone and theme for the song, and ADaD not only stuck to it, but he brought something new with his verse. Based on the previous works from ADaD, I'm not really surprised at all that he turned in the winning entry. ADaD is that dope”

DJ RTC isn't the only one who feels this way. ADaD has been getting a lot of attention recently for being picked as one of URB Magazine's 25 fastest emerging artists in their 25 NOW! Issue: .
Producer Exile has chosen ADaD to be the next MC he champions. ADaD and Exile are currently working on a full length together to be released earl 2010.
San Francisco based label Frite Nite will be releasing 2 songs from ADaD alongside producers: Low Limit of Lazer Sword and Salva in the beginning of 2010.
All Natural inc. will also be releasing an album with ADaD's side project Eulorhythmics February 2010

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