Monday, December 7, 2009

ADaD Wins Rhymefest's "Give it to me contest"

Give It To Me

Rhymefest Picks A Winner of The "Give It To Me" Contest from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

It has just been announced that Chicago rapper ADaD has won Rhymefest's ““Give It To Me” Contest.
RubyHornet teamed up with Grammy Award winning rapper Rhymefest and dNBE Entertainment to offer independent artists a chance to appear on Fest's forthcoming album, El Che. The track up for grabs is entitled "Give It To Me" and is produced by Scram Jones. Also featured on the track is rapper Saigon stated: "Not only is Rhymefest giving one undiscovered talent the opportunity to be featured on an epic album, he is also hoping to launch the career of a new dynamic voice in Hip Hop. The winning contestant will not only be featured on the digital version of the single, but will also appear in the video for the song when it debuts.”

“ADaD is a great choice for "Give It To Me". Says Ruby Hornet's founder and Editor in Cheif DJ RTC. "Going through the entries was
not an easy thing, and there were many solid ones. There were also a lot of not very good ones. Rhymefest set a tone and theme for the song, and ADaD not only stuck to it, but he brought something new with his verse. Based on the previous works from ADaD, I'm not really surprised at all that he turned in the winning entry. ADaD is that dope”

DJ RTC isn't the only one who feels this way. ADaD has been getting a lot of attention recently for being picked as one of URB Magazine's 25 fastest emerging artists in their 25 NOW! Issue: .
Producer Exile has chosen ADaD to be the next MC he champions. ADaD and Exile are currently working on a full length together to be released earl 2010.
San Francisco based label Frite Nite will be releasing 2 songs from ADaD alongside producers: Low Limit of Lazer Sword and Salva in the beginning of 2010.
All Natural inc. will also be releasing an album with ADaD's side project Eulorhythmics February 2010

A direct link to the announcement:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WES RESTLESS vs. KID PLANET (The Full Album is Here....Free)

We present to you: “Wes Restless vs. Kid Planet” – Twelve songs hand-crafted by friends and musical colleagues Wes Restless (Vocalist/Producer) & Kid Planet (MC/Producer/Keyboardist). While drawing from a worldwide array of musical styles, the sound is rooted in the music we both came up on…hip-hop. Experimenting with new production techniques and unorthodox songwriting concepts, we had a lot of fun making the album and we hope that you enjoy it. You can download the album here completely FREE, and if you enjoy the music and support the art, please click the “donate” button and give what you can.

Much love,

Wes Restless & Kid Planet


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ADaD Invades L.A. - VIDEO - Exile, U-N-I

From Ruby Hornet:

"ADaD is just racking them up. The Chicago emcee was named to URB's 25 Now, had an interesting Taco lunch and is currently working on a full length album with L.A.'s Exile. ADaD made a trip out to the Sunshine state early last month to start the project, and he took the RH cam with him (shouts to Adam Leaders). Hit the jump to see ADaD's trip to L.A. in its fully glory in a piece we call "ADaD Invades L.A.", with guest appearances from Exile, and our good friends in U-N-I as well."

RH TV: Adad Invades L.A. from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ADaD featured in URB Magazine's 25 NOW!

Hope all is well, I wanted to share some great news with you:

ADaD along with All natural's Rita J are both featured in URB Magazine's 25 NOW! which highlights the top 25 emerging artists at the moment.
Its good to see talented Chicago artists getting the credit they deserve.
This is big news folks, more to come.

Here is the link to the digital issue:

Please leave a comment to show your support.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video - ADaD and Exile in L.A

Got a really entertaining video/interview our good friend “The Urban Nomad” (Jeremiah Alexis) shot while ADaD and Exile were performing in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago.
Jeremiah and ADaD discuss: annoying bouncers, Fruit Of The Loom, a short piece intitled “Please Leave Now!” and getting kicked out of the venue they were performing at, for allegedly smoking a substance out of an apple. Allegedly...

Also… Exile and ADaD perform “The Longest Bar” and “Sociology”

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to post it or forward it on.

More music from ADaD can be found here:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New ADaD - "Sunday Morning" - Beat by Madlib

As promised, ADaD is releasing a new track every week while he is out in L.A. recording with super producer Exile.

This weeks track “Sunday Morning” spit over a nice break heavy Madlib beat is a good description of how we’ve been feeling every morning since getting to L.A. thanks to all the great people showing us around. – L.A. you guys know how to get down!

If Sunday Morning sounds familiar, it’s because its been in heavy rotation on KCRW thanks to the homie Anthony Valadez.

Make sure you catch ADaD tonight (10-8) at the legendary ROOT DOWN @ El Cid (L.A.)


Thursday, October 1, 2009

ADaD x Black Milk tracks

Got some new heaters here. ADaD has decided to release a few tracks to promote that he will be in L.A. for the next few weeks recording a full-length album with Exile. He will also be rocking a few shows while he is out there as well. Catch him October 2nd at the Dakota Live Music Lounge (formerly the Temple Bar) in Santa Monica alongside the MPC destroyer himself – Exile.

Stay tuned; ADaD plans to release a new track every week for the duration of his stay in L.A. plus snippets from the recording sessions.


ADaD over a Black Milk beat is just too perfect. Damn it feels Good!

ADaD - Feels Good by ADaD

“The Longest Bar”

This track is HEAVY. ADaD over Black Milk's production on “The Purple Tape”

The Logest Bar by ADaD